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The Treacle Tart's Fic Archive

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Write, Tart, write.

See The Tart’s fics.

See The Tart’s fics scattered to the four winds.

See The Tart’s head explode because people have no idea where to find anything, and have it sorted in a functional way.

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Shiny journal.

See The Tart’s fics (most of them anyway) in one place.

See one happy tart.


All fics sorted in the Memories section by pairing and such.

For more info on yours truly go here - thetreacletart.

Fics archived all over: Checkmated, Fanfiction.net, Skyehawke, Fiction Alley, and Livejournal

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If you have my everyday LJ friended, you don't need to friend this journal as I will post links to my fics in both. Conversely, if you're only here for the fic and not my inane babble, this is the place for you. Aren't I considerate? :oD

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